Puppetize Digital

Bill Wilcox

Sr. Professional Services Engineer


Bill has been in IT for a long time originally as a Unix Sysadmin specializing in AIX. Puppet blew his mind and helped to solve several hard problems. He came to Puppet in 2017 after working on a team implementing self-service server builds which included integration with Puppet Enterprise. As a Sr. PSE with Puppet, he’s worked in many different environments to help customers accomplish their goals and has gone farther into Puppet on Windows than he ever intended to.

Previous sessions

Puppet and DSC: Puppetizing and Debugging
3:45am 4:15am September 30 2021
Puppet and DSC: Puppetizing and Debugging
3:30pm 4:00pm September 30 2021
Puppet & DSC: Puppetizing and Debugging
9:00pm 9:30pm September 29 2021