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Achieving quality end user training experience with Puppet configuration management.

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Republic Polytechnic’s (RP) School of Infocomm as well as the polytechnic’s Continuing Education and Training arm (RP ACE) offer both full-time diploma and specialist diplomas to cater to the industry skills demand in manpower.

Join RP to learn how in the course of providing learners with authentic and hands-on learning experiences in lab-based modules, RP has leveraged Puppet’s tool to significantly reduce the turnaround time in daily re-provisioning of both virtual and physical hardware. Compared to the manual processes, this has reduced the setup time from 4 hours to 10 minutes by ensuring that the labs are always ready for a fresh set of learners daily.

RP is the first educational institution in Singapore to leverage the problem-based learning approach for all its diploma programmes and has seven schools and one academic centre offering 37 full-time diplomas.